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Consumer Products Are Ready!

Consumer Products Are Ready!

Here is a worthy hygienic tissue for you! We are proud to be presenting you Worthy Classic & Worthy Plus toilet papers, hygienic tissue and tissue napkins. As EMIRSON, we have brought our experience of over 10 years, in the tissue paper and raw materials industry into houses.

We aim to provide Worthy Classic and Worthy Plus hygienic paper products to our customers around the world at the right price and quality. That's why we developed Worthy.

Worthy offers various products for worldwide household uses. Worthy Classic include 2-ply toilet papers, 2-ply paper towels and tissue napkins; and Worthy Plus include 3-ply toilet papers and 3-ply paper towels. The products are designed to have a strong structure, high durability, absorbency and softness.

You can visit PaperTR for detailed information about each of the products.

We can’t wait to meet you with our new products!