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About Us

Continuing its business life with extensive knowledge and experience, EMIRSON has an expert staff that always takes care by staying up-to-date and following the trends of the industry.

Our company, which also plays the role of increasing the productivity of its business partners with a growing skilled team and turnover from year to year, continues to operate as the representative of many well-known companies and brands by becoming a strong foreign trade company.

When we consider the growth potential of the Black Sea, Turkic Republics, Russia and African markets, we take it as our duty to open new horizons for companies that prefer to plan their near future with us by undertaking the analysis of profit variables in emerging markets.

Our primary goal is to ensure that you evaluate us as a partner that can provide your requests in the most suitable way, at the right time and in the right place. We also offer a wide range of commercial products accessible to you, enabling you to expand your business by strategically choosing new markets with a wide range of products.

Our main business issues are:


- Tissue & Paper Jumbo Rolls
- Baby Diapers, Sanitary Napkin and Wet Wipes
- Greyboard
- Spunlace and Airlaid
- Other Semi-Finished and Finished Products 


- Raw Materials for Hygiene Industry
- Chemical Raw Materials for Forest Products Industry
- Carbon Black
- Laboratory Equipments
- Tissue Machine and Equipments
- Melamine
- Transit Operations

Total Quality Management

As a supplier, we provide right products to the market, aim for sustainable quality and follow processes accordingly.

Solution Oriented

By providing fast and timely solutions to international and national producers' demands, we ensure complete continuation of serial production.

Customer Satisfaction

We would like to support you in the sales and after sales period with an expert team who has been dominating the industry dynamics.



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Global Distributorships
Tons of Exported Products
Finished Products

We are Always Ready to
Give You the Fastest and the Safest Service.